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Traffic Control Center

GPS/GPRS technology allows real-time tracking, consignment reporting and real-time scheduling. This allows us to manage and track our fleet and customer goods virtually from our Traffic Control Centre.

Our Traffic Control Centre conducts minute by minute fleet monitoring as full control fleet management. In the event of any sensors being triggered, alert messages will be sent to dedicated emails and designated mobile phones to allow swift and decisive intervention.

Your goods are being tracked either online or offline 24/7 from our traffic control centres in Rawang, Klang, Kuantan & Johor Bahru:

On-Line Tracking
  • Real-time one-to-one tracking capability using wireless data line or fixed line.
  • For real-time tracking, we can command all vehicles of interest to report their current positions and sensors status back to the Traffic Control Centre at pre-determined intervals. All of the vehicles icons will be displayed on the display monitor simultaneously and updated at the preset intervals.
Off-Line Tracking
  • All activities are recorded (position updates and sensor status) together with the relevant GPS data into the built-in memory storage onboard the unit.
  • The frequency of recording is pre-determined by the interval at 1 minute, which is faster than most systems in the market, which only update every 5 minutes.
  • These data can be downloaded at any time. We can either play back the historical journey details or violations made during the journey.

Our Traffic Control Centre closely monitors the fleet around the clock to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and security through monitoring parameters such as:

  • Route Violation
  • Hotspots entry
  • Engine idling duration
  • Consignment Reporting and Job Scheduling
  • Journey distance and cost
  • Geo-fencing - predetermined routes
  • Over speeding and harsh breaking
  • Prohibeted areas
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • Attempt Theft
  • Service and Maintenance Intervals & Scheduling