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Our Fleet

The Tamilan fleet comprises of many different types of vehicles for the various types of services you may require. Tanker haulage is the core expertise within Tamilan.

Using latest technology, coupled with over 30 years of trucking experience, we exclusively use premium trucks such as Scania, Volvo and Mercedes Benz. These trucks not only provide safer and a better driving environment for truckers, but the overall design also gives us improved fuel economy and increase our productivity. Our prime movers are designed to minimize stress and ensure a safer driving experience as safety has always been our priority at Sidhu Brothers.

Apart from the mandatory half yearly PUSPAKOM vehicle inspection, Tamilan also carries out its own vehicle inspection on a monthly basis.

Currently, we have a fleet of over 100 vehicles. The largest portion is tankers of various sizes and types, with the procurement of more prime movers and tankers in the pipeline. Our fleet expansion plans will further strengthen our market position.

Tamilan Logistics fleet strength in detail:

Fleet Type No. of Vehicle Capacity
Palm Oil MS Tankers 92 18 to 42 tonne
Multi Product SS Insulated Tankers 10 29 to 42 tonne
Latex Tankers 4 12 to 42 tonne
Chemical Tankers 2 18 to 35 tonne
Mobile Water Storage Tankers 10 14 to 35 tonne
Cement Bulk Tankers 20 28 to 42 tonne
Total Fleet & Capacity 138 4,360 tonne mile per day